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Senior Men Yoga




1 Hour

About the Session

Restorative yoga is typically the practice of asana, which emphasizes relaxing and receiving. Unlike typical yoga, this style of yoga doesn’t focus on strengthening or stretching. The asanas in this style are held for longer than in a conventional yoga class.

During a restorative yoga session, yogi use props to enhance their experience and attain a state of complete release and relaxation. Restorative yoga allows you to learn the art of relaxation while enhancing your ability to self-soothe. Seniors can use it to improve their healing capacity through re-balancing their nervous system and regulating their stress response.

Restorative yoga offers lots of benefits to seniors. For example, the poses improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. On the other hand, the breathing exercises energize the body and offer a way of calming the body during stressful moments.

  • Minimize Hypertension 

  • Bone Strength

  • Improve Balance and avoid falls

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Protect your Joints

  • Sharpen your mind

  • Boots Moods

Your Instructor

Read Ehsan

Read Ehsan

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