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2023 - Manthan Yoga Conclave

Golden Tulip Bahrain, Rd No 339, Manama, Bahrain

1st Manthan Yoga Conclave 2023

PROP Yoga jointly with Bahrain India Cultural and Arts Services (BICAS) under the patronage of Embassy of India, Bahrain, organised a conclave of experts on yoga : Manthan. Ambassador Piyush Srivastava attended the event as Chief Guest.

The event saw the presentations/speeches by Dr. H.R Nagendra, Chancellor, SVYASA University, Dr. Param Gowda, Dr. Manjunath, Mrs. Haifa Humood NHRA-BAHRAIN, and Mr. Faris Al Kooheji Bahrain Olympic Committee. Yoga enthusiasts of different nationalities in Bahrain took part.

The event also featured yoga exercises, calisthenic exercises and other activities by Indian and Bahraini performers.

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