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What is Yoga Competition ?

Yogasana is a sport that focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, where players have to perform yogic postures and are judged on their difficulty, balance, control, flexibility and endurance.


Eligibility for all !!

Its not only for yogis on intermediate or advance level. If you have flexibility or strength to perform Intermediate or advance yogic pose. Candidates from Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Ballie, Dance, Martial Arts or any sports are welcome to participate. 

Age Category

Group A ( 9 - 13 years ) Sub Junior

Group B ( 14 - 17 years ) Junior 

Group C ( 18 - 24 years ) Youth

Group D ( 25 + years ) Senior

Compulsory Poses 

Optional Poses Categories

Competition is bases on following categories

1. Forward Bend Floor

2. Forward Bend Standing

3. Back Bend Floor

4. Back Bend Standing

5. Leg Balance Backward

6. Leg Balance Forward

7. Hand Balance Forward

8. Hand Balance Backward

Registration Form - Yogasana 2024
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